Our Progress

Boy with mother and stuffed animal toy

Congo Relief Mission (CRM) works to bring hope and dignity to the people of Congo. Our four priorities are humanitarian assistance, healthcare, education, and communication.

Humanitarian Assistance

  • Our newest initiative is the support of orphans and abandoned children in the city of Mbujimayi.  In 2015, over $50,000 was raised to help support 6 orphanages with over 200 children ranging in age from newborns to 18 years olds.
  • Congo Relief Mission provided funds to support an agricultural farm which planted and cultivated foodstuffs and livestock.  In 2013 30 hectares were cultivated and 21 head of cattle were added to the farm.  Many children and poor benefitted from the food.
  • We have shipped 11 forty-foot containers and assisted a group in Minnesota with their 2 shipments. The goods sent include: food, clothing, medicine, hospital lab equipment and supplies, office and computer equipment and supplies, school supplies, communication radios, two 4×4 vehicles, books for the University medical school, pressure washer, household goods, building equipment for church, school, and community water project.
  • These items were distributed to or used by more than 20,000 people earning less than $1 a day.
  • Our past activities have helped support: St. John the Baptist Hospital, Dieu Soit Beni Orphanage, University of Mbujimayi, Radio Fraternity, a small internet café, and the building of St. Stephen Catholic Church.


Health Care









  • Helped build and support Our Lady of Hope Hospital, a 235 bed hospital situated less than ten miles outside of Mbujimayi. In addition to general hospital patient rooms, it has maternity delivery rooms, nursery rooms, an ICU, emergency room, and three surgical theatres in addition to administration and consultation rooms, a lab, pharmacy, and storage space. It serves almost 50 people per day and is considered the reference hospital for the region.
  • Helped build Our Lady of Hope Clinic located in the city center of Mbujimayi provides out-patient services with a particular emphasis on women and children. There is an ambulance that transports patients from the clinic in Mbujimayi to the hospital. It also brings medical providers to the homebound in the outlying areas.  The Clinic is self-supporting and subsidizes the operations of Our Lady of Hope Hospital.










  • Built and support St. Stephen Primary School and Secondary School in Mbujimayi which educates over 1400 students.
  • Built and support Buloba Primary School in the small village of Kamiji has over 700 students.
  • In 2013 the schools received computers, three solar panels, and antennas to connect to the internet. Access to the internet began on March 20, 2013, for the students of these schools.


  • Purchased and shipped communication radios.
  • Helped a local radio station.